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2018 Planetary Transits ⚡

Mercury’s retrogrades will start in FIRE signs this year ~ Sagittarius/Scorpio in Nov/Dec.
Chiron retrogrades back into Pisces on September 25.
Venus will retrograde Oct 15 to Nov 16 at 10.50 Scorpio/Libra.
Uranus travels back into Aries on November 6.
North and South Lunar Nodes move to Cancer and Capricorn November 7!
Jupiter moves into its ruling sign, Sagittarius, on November 8.

⚡ 2019 Planetary Transits

No Mars or Venus Retrograde this year.
Happy New Year as Mars Ingresses into Aries on January 1!
Uranus Direct 28.35 Aries + Partial Solar Eclipse January 6
Total Lunar Eclipse (Full “Super” Moon) January 21
Mercury Retrograde March 5 at 29.38 Pisces
Uranus Ingresses into Taurus March 6
Summer Solstice ☀️ + Neptune Retrograde  18.43 Pisces on June 21!
Mercury Retrograde July 9 4.27 Leo
Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon) July 16
5-Planet Stellium in Virgo + New Moon on August 30
Happy Halloween 🎃 Mercury Retrograde at 27.37 Scorpio on October 31!
Neptune Direct November 26 at 15.55 Pisces
Jupiter Ingresses into Capricorn December 2!
Chiron Direct December 12
Happy Holidays + Total Solar Eclipse (New Moon) on December 26!

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