Soul Healing and Akashic Records















Note Akashic Records and Soul Healing require previous birth chart reading.
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Soul Healing Session

Your lifetime, deep spiritual healing begins after your initial Astrology Natal Chart Reading. Our time together will begin with gentle guidance into a deep, meditative state, where you will connect with deeper parts in your personality, that had been scarred through previous traumatic and stressful life experiences. I will use your personal Planetary Transits to facilitate the healing process. Soul Healing is a magnificent alternative and supplement to traditional therapy.

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Akashic Records

Akashic Records are the energetic records of your souls’ past, present, and possible future lives. These sacred spiritual records can be utilized as a resource with guided meditation. Being within the space of the Akashic Records allows you to receive divine information about your current incarnation. I will be their to guide you to the Akashic Records, as well utilize your Planetary Transits to facilitate the process.

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