Grand Water Trine

What is a Grand Water Trine and what does it do and mean? Jupiter, Venus, and Neptune are making a grand trine now until June 5, 2018.

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Venus in Cancer, Neptune in Pisces, and Jupiter retrograde in Scorpio are forming a grand trine in water.  The planets will not each be at the same exact degree at the same time, but they have come together and are a grand trine right now.    On May 25, Neptune made an exact trine to Jupiter retrograde. On June […]


Happy Beltane!

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It’s 1/2 way between spring and summer.  We are in the middle between the spring equinox and summer solstice. It’s May Day. Venus is in Gemini! Venus in Gemini is making a trine, a positive-flowing aspect, to the lunar south node in Aquarius for the next few days. The south node is your karmic gifts, […]

Pluto Retrograde

It’s Pluto RETROGRADE time!

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Pluto will be in retrograde until September 30 and won’t be up to full speed, from our perspective here on earth, until JANUARY 21, 2019. That is some long retrograde! And do you know why? Well, it has to do with the speed of Pluto and the speed of the earth. Pluto takes 284 YEARS […]