Total Lunar Eclipse January 31

A total lunar eclipse occurs when the moon is completely submerged in earth’s dark, inner shadow, called the umbra. The only way the moon can be covered by the earth’s darkest shadow is when the sun is opposite the moon with the earth in between. Hence, A FULL MOON!

So, a complete lunar eclipse is a full moon entirely passing in the earth’s shadow.

The sun is going to be at 11.37 degrees Aquarius and the moon at 11.37 degrees Leo? This lunar eclipse will happen in Leo, where the SOLAR ECLIPSE last year was. What house does Leo rule?  Please put in the comments.

These two eclipses are linked. This is a time to think about  ONE BIG THING you want to focus on.

Leo rules the self image, courage, healthy self image, loyalty, heart-felt love, the “ME”.  Aquarius rules the “WE”, helping society, friendship, and philanthropy, radical ideas, the future.

What is out of balance between “me” and “we” ?

What change are you going to make?

-Do you need to focus on your needs right now so you can be a hero to society later?
-What are you doing to help society?
-Do you know your soul’s purpose? There are markers in you astrological chart.
-Who needs more heart-felt love and courage?
-Who needs your loyalty?
-What friendship have you outgrown?
-Are you meant to start a non-profit at summer point in your life?
-What cause can you donate your time or money to?


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POWERFUL Capricorn New Moon, Tuesday Jan. 16

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The theme of the new moon at 26.54 degrees Capricorn on Tuesday, January 16, at 6:18 pm PST is POWER!

The key to HARNESSING this power is to realistic think about what you want to do with it and MAKE A LIST of how you are going to get there.  THEN be RESPONSIBLE and work on the list.  DO THE WORK.  Do it systematically and don’t slack off – at least for about 2 weeks until the full moon in Leo.  There is a cycle from new moon to full moon and back again.

There are eight planets (not counting the earth and counting Pluto) plus the moon and the sun.  So that’s ten heavenly bodies in the heavens and of those ten heavenly bodies SIX of them are in Capricorn: Venus, the sun and moon at the exact same degree, Pluto, Mercury, and Saturn on the day of the new moon.

When you have that much energy coming from the same constellation directed at the earth something wonderful happens; the energy mixes into one big stream and becomes powerful.

Which house is Capricorn in?  That is the where the power will be felt. This new moon will square Uranus in Aries so unexpected turns might try to deter you to fulfilling your new moon intention but don’t let them!

The new moon is time to make new intentions.

Capricorn New Moon Intentions:

*I am wielding this power towards my career.  Write a list of what you can do to make your work life better?
*I am wielding this power towards finding out what my soul’s mission is here on earth.  Brainstorm
*I am wielding this power towards improving my relationships.  Write down each person’s name and make a list of what you can do to make things better.
*I am wielding this power to improve my health.  Make a list of what you are going to do.

How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Mercury Retrogrades

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Why I love Mercury retrogrades. 💛

Mercury is the ruler of the 3rd house in modern astrology and rules communication. More specifically, it rules communications from within. We use our own knowledge to talk, write, and think. We produce. On the opposite side of astrological wheel is the 9th house ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter rules knowledge from external teachers like traveling, higher learning, philosophy. In Jupiter’s case, the mind is being activated by being communicated to.

When Mercury is in retrograde its energy signature vibrating to the earth is different and it can be more intense if you don’t have Mercury retrograde in your natal or progressed chart.

This INTENSITY causes us to slow down and turn our minds inward so we communicate to ourselves with our mind. I love this! TAKE TIME TO THINK.

The pace of life has quickened so much that we rarely just sit and think.

That is what Mercury wants.

Image credit: Woman by the Window, Picasso, 1936


Super Womoon: The 2017 New Moon in Sagittarius

Image may contain: night, outdoor and waterThere is a new moon in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius on Sunday, December 17, at 10:30 p.m. PST.

What INTESIFIES THE NEW MOON IS THE STELLIUM of 3 planets, the Galactic Center, the center of our Milky Way universe, and 2 luminaries conjunct each other in SAGITTARIUS! MERCURY in retrograde, VENUS, THE MOON, THE SUN, THE GALACITIC CENTER, AND SATURN will all be within 15-degrees tightly packed together. It’s not a super moon, IT’S A “SUPER NEW MOON” or maybe a “SUPER WOMOON.”

It’s important to remember how the new moon’s energy reaches us. Looking down on the solar system you would see sun, the moon, and the earth in one straight line with the sun and moon in the Sagittarius constellation. Saturn, Venus and Mercury in their respective orbits would be not too far away from that imaginary line. In fact, they are in a 15-degree spread from that line and THAT’S NOT VERY MUCH!

When planets are CONJUNCT their energy BLENDS and produces one of two outcomes. The first outcome is that the blended energies form a powerful new path, or the second outcome is that the blended energies overwhelm you and you cannot focus easily. THIS “SUPER WOMOON” will PACK A PUNCH which means you have an exciting opportunity to SET AN INTENTION OF A LIFETIME especially if that part of your chart has a planet in those degrees or makes positive aspects to the new moon.

A NEW MOON’S ENERGY IS MOST POTENT a week prior and a week after but is part of a monthly, 29.5-day cycle. Each calendar year there is a new moon then a full moon in each sign approximately 6 months apart and you have an opportunity to set in motion a theme or an intention that you want to explore over that timeframe. The SAGITTARIUS FULL MOON IN 2018 WILL BE ON MAY 29.

The most productive intentions will be ones that are fiery, idealistic, optimistic, and enthusiastic regarding FOREIGN TRAVEL, LEARNING PHILOSOPHY (philosophy is system of thought on how you want to govern our life), LEARNING KNOWLEDGE FROM OUTSIDE OF YOURSELF, TEACHING OTHERS, RELIGIOUS BELIEFS, or SHARING STORIES. Let me remind you to GO BIG OR GO HOME on this “SUPER NEW MOON”!

Some examples of intentions for the next 6 months are below. Be encouraged to SUPERSIZE THESE because now is your chance.

“I’ve always wanted to take lessons about …
“I’ve always wanted to learn about …”
“I’m going to read 6 books from now until the end of May about…”
“I’m going to go to research different religions or spirituality to see if there is something that resonates with me. Maybe I’ll read the Tibetan Book of the Dead”
“I’ve always wanted to travel to Mexico City to visit their museums. In the next 6 months, I’m going to make that trip happen or maybe on the new moon in Sagittarius in 2018 is when I’ll go!”
“I’m going to share my spiritual or religious beliefs with my friends and family.”
“I’m going to start attending a meet-up group and share my knowledge on…”

Saturn Conjunct the Galactic Center in Sagittarius

Our solar system, the Milky Way, rotates around the GALACTIC CENTER like the earth rotates aground the sun.  From earth the GALACTIC CENTER is located at 27’3″ Sagittarius and Saturn is currently at 27’23” just passing over it in the last day.

Astronomers think there is a GIANT BLACK HOLE in the middle. 💙

Watch the video at the end of the article to see where our sun fits in.

If you have the sun or any planets near this degree of Sagittarius you have a conjunction with the middle of our universe!

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Gemini Full Moon December 3, 2017

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There is a full moon in the Gemini constellation Thursday, December 3, at 7:47 a.m. PST (10:47 a.m. EST).

Too much air puts out fire and too much fire suffocates the air, so challenge your emotional (the moon) thoughts (Gemini) with your actions (Sagittarius) during this time to help your soul’s evolution here on earth.

If you were to LOOK DOWN ON THE SOLAR SYSTEM you would see the sun in the Gemini constellation, the earth, and the moon directly behind it one straight line in the Sagittarius constellation. When planets (or in this case a star and a moon) oppose each other their energies are directed 180 degrees towards each other with the earth in between and one of two things can happen: either you can blend the energies, or the energies blow up when they meet.

Gemini, an intellectual air sign, is associated with the con artist and Sagittarius, an action-oriented fire sign, can certainly pull off that con. THE GOOD NEWS IS THAT YOU CAN USE THESE POWERS FOR YOUR BENEFIT by “conning” or convincing yourself of your self-worth and PROJECT THAT THROUGH YOUR ACTIONS. Sometimes actions can dispel preconceived thought.

The following are some BENEFICIAL EXAMPLES putting thoughts into actions:

*Sometimes I get mad at myself or get upset when I make mistakes. I’m only human and this is part of the human condition. What can I tell myself or DO FOR MYSELF to keep perspective when things don’t go my way.
*Being alone is part of life. What actions can I take to make myself be able to be with myself?
*I’m going to think about how I relate with my siblings. What are things I could do for them to show them I care or show them I want a better relationship?
* I’m going to think about my work/life balance. What are some short trips I can take?
* I’m going to think about how life is short. What is one big trip I’ve wanted to take to broaden my spirit? How can I make that happen over next years?
* I’m going to think about how I communicate with others at work. What can I change with my actions this better?
*What concrete actions can I take when I feel myself becoming scattered or anxious?
*What steps can I talk to improve my writing? Or I need to write more and what can I do to make more time?

Sun in Sagittarius 11/22/17 to 12/22/17

Take flight Sagittarius spreading your fiery ideas, philosophical thoughts, enthusiasm of learning, and love of travel.

The sun’s ingress into Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius is at 7:05 p.m. PST. Each time a planet goes into a different sign it is the called the planet’s INGRESS.

Sagittarius is a masculine fire sign that emits mutable energy meaning that planets passing through its sign, or in this case when the sun is in the Sagittarius constellation as seen from earth, it takes on a quality of CHANGEABILITY.

Your emotions, feelings, and ideas may change. The SUN in SAGITTARIUS means that YOU can adapt quickly and effectively to a new situation or unforeseen circumstance. Watch out though — you don’t want to change so much that you loose your sense of balance.

SAGITTARIUS is opposite GEMINI. Gemini also likes change and variety but does so intellectually, and Sagittarius on the other hand, does so with fire. Sagittarius can promise more than they can deliver, but they are also generous, idealistic, optimistic and enthusiastic.

Image Credit: Resiliency by Jen Kiaba