I am so grateful!

“Wow, what an insightful experience. I had a chart reading with Amy and although I have studied my chart and am familiar with astrology, she is so insightful and offers new levels of awareness and confirmations about my life’s purpose and what I am doing to fulfill it. Her read on charts is empowering and encouraging and for me focused on all of my resources as well as offered helpful tools to strengthen weaker aspects of my chart. I highly recommend Emerald City Astrology and hope to learn more about my chart with Amy. Thank you so much!”
-Jamy Schumacher,  New Perspectives Healing Center

“After my first meeting with Amy to translate my progressed natal chart, I was nothing short of amazed. Not because she told me things about my chart that took me by surprise (I’ve done a few years of studying on my own and was somewhat familiar with my path) but because she was able to read my chart at a higher level that added depth and layers that exposed key elements missing from my own personal interpretations bringing an overall interpretation that felt more complete and relatable. I felt Amy was not only knowledgeable and credible in her capabilities but her added warmth and compassion added an element of sincerity that left me feeling she truly cared more about applying her skills to serve a higher purpose than just herself, but in helping others find their path.”
-Lea B., Seattle WA

“I recently had an amazing reading by Emerald City Astrology. I highly recommend Emerald City Astrology for many reasons. I was so energized by my reading, so impressed by her knowledge and the way it was communicated to me. It was very thought provoking and has made me think about options way outside my box, but made so much sense. It is so fun to learn things about yourself. Amy is very caring and relatable. I will definitely be sending my friends and family to see her. Thank you for your guidance Amy!”
-Julia O., Seattle, WA

“All I can say is Amy is AMAZING. She is so knowledgeable it blows my mind. The whole chart, alignments and all the other stuff just rolls off the tip of her tongue and she explains it in a way that you can easily understand. Not only that, but she does it with such enthusiasm and joy for her work that you cannot help but have a wonderful time and feel like your partying up in the solar system. To top it off, I gained so much insight into my chart, my gifts, and my DIVINE PURPOSE! It feels so good to know the path I chose for myself before I was born was so perfectly planned to lead me to do great things and help others. More exciting is that I’m living it out! I’m so grateful to Amy for all the knowledge she shared with heartfelt enthusiasm and love.”
-Rachele Halliday, Halliday Health

“I agree, Amy was spot on with interpreting my chart. I found out some things about myself that have saved me from any further grief. Thank you so much Amy for your excellent and thorough work! I highly recommend!”
-Annie D., Seattle, WA

“I thought I knew myself, but WOW! Having my natal chart done by Amy was an eye opener. It gave me motivation to continue on my life path/soul purpose. And it also clarified some issues that have raised recently. Everyone should get their natal chart done.”
-Katie Metcalf, Transcending Birth

“I booked a reading with Amy for Birth Natal Chart Reading.
I had an AMAZING, FANTASTIC, POSITIVE, SUPER COOL, SUPER FUN, EMPOWERING, HEALING, SPIRITUAL, LIFE PURPOSE, INFORMATIVE, CRAZY YET FUN, FUNNY, INTELLIGENT, SURPRISING, etc. etc. etc. – Beyond the Dictionary – ALL PRAISING WORDS ….. NATAL CHART READING with Amy Domres. SHE IS SO FLUFFING AWESOMEEEEEEEEEE….m- In My Life I never had SUCH a reading.. THIS IS JUST A SMALL BRIEF – VIDEO TESTIMONIAL IN PROGRESS…. She is BEYOND WORDS.   I SOOOOOO LOVE YOUUUUUUUUU! Thank you for today, I am so much in JOY and on my SOUL MISSION without doubts. If you have been thinking to book, STOP thinking and JUST DO IT. I just can’t get over the AMAZEMENT of the session. ALL MY WHY’S – Why am I here, Why am I walking on this path, etc. etc.  ALL ANSWERED – LOUD AND CLEAR 
-Ruchi Taneja, Ruchi: the Spiritual Catalyst 

“I had an amazing experience with Amy and Emerald City Astrology! Amy did a birth chart reading for me that was spot-on! She knew very little about me before my reading, yet she was able to pinpoint lifelong issues and lessons in my birth chart that she couldn’t have possibly known about. Her knowledge of astrology and the planets is amazing and I feel so blessed to receive the confirmation of so many things from her!”
-Amy Dolley, Hearts Afire Healing

“Amy is an AMAZING astrologer and such a kind soul. Her readings are spot on and always exactly what I need to hear! I highly recommend her.  
-Veronica Smith, Soul Map Mandalas